Dressing up and Queening it

Location: Wills Memorial Building, Bristol, BS8 1RJ 
Date and time: 5 November, 12.00-14.00

Location: Social Sciences Complex, Bristol, BS8 1TN
Date and time: 7 November, 12.00-14.00

This event is part of the University of Bristol - Festival of Social Sciences and Law

This poster presentation examines the use of Queen Elizabeth II’s dresses in British public diplomacy. We treat ‘dress’ as a social practice and performance that is central both to the constitution of different identities and to the production and dissemination of political meanings and relations, and thus political power.

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Google map link to: BS8 1RJ and BS8 1TN
Organised by: Jutta Weldes, University of Bristol, Faculty of Social Sciences and Law