What is the Festival of Social Science?

The ESRC Festival of Social Science is a celebration of the social sciences. It began life in 2003 as Social Science Week - a collection of around 25 events, mainly seminars aimed towards an academic audience. Over the years Social Science Week has grown to a much larger and more inclusive 'festival' of activities, aimed at policymakers, business, the public and young people alike.

In 2013 an estimated 17,500 people attended over 140 different events across the UK. The variety of activities included public debates, secondary school level events, film screenings, theatrical performances, and hands on events. Interactive activities included exploring technologies around transport past, present and future; woodland walks; sharing memories and showing how research influences fashion and design.

The Festival of Social Science is a key element of the ESRC's science in society strategy and its commitment to promoting awareness of UK social science research to new audiences.

The 2014 Festival will run  from 1-8 November and will continue to promote how social science has a role in all of our lives.

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