About research seminars

We award grants to research organisations to run research seminars at various locations.

The seminars gather together groups of academic researchers, postgraduate students and non-academic users. Seminar group members are typically drawn from industry, government departments and other relevant organisations, as well as from academic institutions. The groups meet regularly as part of a seminar series to exchange information and ideas with the aim of advancing research within their fields. There are usually between three and six seminars in a series.

We particularly encourage seminars that bring together leading researchers from across disciplines to identify new research agendas or capacity building priorities.


The grants in the 2012-13 call were limited to £30,000 and covered:

  • travel and expenses for speakers and participants
  • administrative costs
  • stationery, postage, copying and telephone costs
  • hire of rooms and facilities.

Funding was available for UK research organisations that met the eligibility requirements for Research Council funding (RCUK website).

The 2011-12 competition attracted 156 applications and 39 awards were made. This represented a success rate of 25 per cent.

Further information

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