Better infrastructure and communication

December 2007

The charity Alternative Futures Group developed an improved information and communications infrastructure through a KTP partnership with the Liverpool John Moores University.

Keyboard and screenAlternative Futures Group is a large charity based in Merseyside, providing support, care and accommodation for people with complex learning disabilities and enduring mental health challenges across the North West of England.

The charity was undergoing significant structural reorganisation, merging several aspects of its operations to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Management were aware that the lack of ICT infrastructure was hampering communications flow and restricting business expansion.

With no in-house ICT professionals, this ESRC-funded KTP provided Alternative Futures Group with access to the expertise within Liverpool Business School at Liverpool John Moores University, helping the charity to develop an improved ICT (information and communications technology) infrastructure.

"Our partnership with JMU has been transformational, it has challenged our vision, broadened our thinking and deepened our business integration. The benefits of the KTP have been much wider than anticipated, positively impacting on our work in many ways, enabling the organisation to develop successfully." (Matthew Clarke, Founder, Alternative Futures Group)Impact

  • Creation of an ICT infrastructure improved the in-house expertise, saving £40,000 per year on ICT contracts
  • ICT and efficiency improvements are estimated to contribute 10 per cent to annual growth
  • The developed prototype intranet improved management information flow throughout the organisation
  • The company image was enhanced through rebranding and new multimedia channels
  • Improved ability to win new business, aiding major organisational growth, underpinning current growth of 15 per cent per annum

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