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Olympic Stadium (Photo: London 2012)

Olympic impact

On 9 September 2012, six weeks of Olympic and Paralympic frenzy came to a close in London's Olympic park, marking the beginning of a legacy set to last decades. There is little in the way of precedent for such huge projects – so how can we better understand their successes, challenges, and impacts?

Scotland puzzle

Towards independence?

Dr Nicola McEwen, Associate Director of the ESRC Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change, analyses the Scottish Government's White Paper Scotland's Future, which builds the case for an independent Scotland around the themes of democracy, fairness, and economic prosperity.


Choosing wisely

Professor Anand Menon, research co-ordinator for the ESRC initiative on 'The UK in a Changing Europe', discusses the UK’s complicated relationship with Europe and the possible outcomes of a referendum on EU membership.

Small business owner

Small business, big impact

ERC research highlights the remarkable growth in the importance of small firms – but with some 'brutal facts': around 75 per cent of new firms that start small stay small; and over a decade, around 75-80 per cent of all new firms will close.


IPCC report: "Climate change is already happening"

It’s the "most comprehensive assessment to date" of the impacts of climate change. ESRC-funded researchers have contributed to the latest report from UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Fenced in

Locking up victims of trafficking

ESRC-funded research carried out by Professor Loraine Gelsthorpe and Dr Liz Hales revealed that a majority of women in custody had been victims of trafficking, smuggling and work under duress.

Distressed man

Understanding hate crime

Researchers at the University of Leicester have worked with the widest range of communities ever to have been included in a single study of hate crime - the Leicester Hate Crime Project.

Green pound

Growing the green economy

Economic growth in its current form is unsustainable, argues the bestseller Prosperity without Growth. Following publication, the book has brought a deeper understanding of the basis of prosperity to a wide range of international economic decision-makers and political leaders.

China-Russia gears

Soaring dragon, stumbling bear

Research supported by Warwick's ESRC Centre on Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy show that the Soviet Union initially tried similar economic reforms as China - but without the same success.

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