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Coin into piggy bank

What fate for the tax rate?

An analysis from the Institute for Fiscal Studies suggests that restoring the 50p tax rate would raise little revenue - likely only around £100 million, which would make only a marginal contribution to reducing the deficit.

Westminster traffic

London calling for French expats

London is the destination of choice for the ambitious French, according to research carried out by ESRC-funded researchers. According to the French consulate, up to 400,000 French expats live here.

Comforting hand

Caring for cancer patients

The NCRI Supportive and Palliative Care research initiative has had an impact across several areas – including new clinical guidelines into practice, new assessment tools for practice and research, more patient involvement and increased research interest.

Scotland map

Show us the money, say Scottish voters

New results from the Scottish Social Attitudes survey, funded by the ESRC and carried out by ScotCen Social Research, suggest it's the economic consequences that matters the most to people.

Mind the gap sign

Inequality after independence?

Becoming independent will not give Scotland much more leverage to tackle inequality than currently, new research from the Future of the UK and Scotland programme suggests.

Euro coin stack

Euro expectations

Why was the euro introduced without establishing other institutions associated with a successful monetary union?

Housing estate

What price a house?

By far the most important reason that housing is so expensive is our planning policy, shows research from the Spatial Economics Research Centre.

Flood warning sign

The threat of flooding

Many communities are struggling to cope after recent weeks' heavy rains and extensive flooding. A number of ESRC-funded research projects are exploring the impact of flooding, how to prepare for events, and how communities cope in the aftermath.

Eating pizza and watching TV

Stark levels of physical inactivity

Research findings from the ESRC Centre for Market and Public Organisation, and Monash, RMIT Melbourne and Lancaster universities, show high levels of physical inactivity in the English population.

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