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Green pound

Growing the green economy

Economic growth in its current form is unsustainable, argues the bestseller Prosperity without Growth. Following publication, the book has brought a deeper understanding of the basis of prosperity to a wide range of international economic decision-makers and political leaders.

China-Russia gears

Soaring dragon, stumbling bear

Research supported by Warwick's ESRC Centre on Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy show that the Soviet Union initially tried similar economic reforms as China - but without the same success.

Sports arena crowd

Crowded in, blissed out

ESRC-funded research shows that people in a crowd can have a sense of shared identity with others, align their goals, transcend everyday concerns, and experience intensely positive feelings and an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Wind turbines

Wind power and the cost to your home

New research into the impact of wind farms carried out by Professor Stephen Gibbons at the ESRC-funded Spatial Economics Research Centre is the first to demonstrate a link between wind farm visibility and house prices.

Employment ads

Reduced workforce could reshape the public sector

IFS research shows that the nature of the UK labour market could be dramatically transformed within the next five years if proposed reductions in general government employment were to be fully realised.

York flooding 2012

Sharing flood knowledge

An ESRC-funded research project is exploring the storing and sharing of flood memories, as a resource bank for communities at risk.

Coin into piggy bank

What fate for the tax rate?

An analysis from the Institute for Fiscal Studies suggests that restoring the 50p tax rate would raise little revenue - likely only around £100 million, which would make only a marginal contribution to reducing the deficit.

Westminster traffic

London calling for French expats

London is the destination of choice for the ambitious French, according to research carried out by ESRC-funded researchers. According to the French consulate, up to 400,000 French expats live here.

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