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Couple in bed

More partners, less sex: UK sexuality uncovered

We debut early and carry on into older age, but have sex less often than before, according to findings on Brits' sexual behaviour from the third NATSAL survey. However, the frequency of sex for has fallen from over six times to just under five per month over the past decade.


Predicting the cost of energy

The methods for forecasting energy costs are improving, but with the complexities involved the key challenge is to communicate how uncertain the estimates are, concludes a new report from the UK Energy Research Centre.

Reception desk

Better times for work life

"Despite the recession there are signs that working life has improved in a number of respects for those who have been lucky enough to stay in work," says Professor Stephen Wood, following first findings from the 2011 Workplace Employee Relations Survey.

Coins and economy

Ready for a new Festival of Economics

Following the success and public interest around the inaugural event last year, the 2013 Festival of Economics, co-sponsored by the ESRC, is about to be launched in Bristol.


Making money grow on trees

The ESPA-funded Mikoko Pamoja carbon credit project aims to generate £7,500 a year for villages in Kenya's Gazi Bay - by preserving mangrove swamps and selling carbon credits to business.

Gas ring

Simplifying UK energy policies

ESRC-funded research shows that fewer and less complex charges for carbon emissions would cut costs and make the system more effective.


Saving on food, losing on health

A new ESRC-funded study from the Institute for Fiscal Studies shows we are saving on food costs by switching to cheaper calories - which usually means more sugary or fatty foods.


Tackling poverty at ground level

The ESPA project Alternative Carbon Investments in Ecosystems for Poverty Alleviation (ALTER) brings together an international multi-disciplinary team of researchers to focus on soil degradation and its impact on poverty.

Roof turbine and solar panels

Home improvement - best time for energy efficiency

Homeowners planning to renovate their kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces are an untapped market for energy efficiency service providers, according to a new report from the ESRC-funded UK Energy Research Centre.


Managing the culture of risk

Governments and financial regulators have called on banks to rein in their risk cultures. However, a new report from the London School of Economics and Plymouth University dispels the myth of the perfect risk culture.

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