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Questions of independence

Today we’re one year away from the referendum on Scottish independence, and the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ camps are drawing up the battle lines. But in the great debate some issues are less discussed than others.

Smoking cannabis

The pros and cons of legalising cannabis

Legalising cannabis would bring both benefits and disadvantages - but the current debate is much too limited, argues a report from the Institute for Social and Economic Research; there is a lack of hard evidence, and few of the most vocal participants take a sufficiently broad perspective.

Refugee camp

The Syrian refugee crisis

The crisis in Syria has led to a huge stream of refugees fleeing the country. "The scale and pace of this mass exodus is nearly unprecedented," says Dr Jakub Bijak at the ESRC Centre for Population Change.


The 'Britishness' of Gibraltar

Gibraltarians' sense of Britishness had changed profoundly, and are now at least as likely to celebrate a specifically Gibraltarian identity as a British one. New ESRC-funded research will be exploring the ethnic identity of the people of Gibraltar.


Chasing the teen vote

Contrary to beliefs, young people are broadly interested in politics and supportive of the democratic process – but dislike formal, professional politics, political parties and national politicians.

Military operation

Syria and intervention: the pragmatic public

Polls currently show the public opposed to British military action in Syria by a margin of two to one. ESRC-funded research suggests that the public is pragmatic about military intervention, and will support it - if they are convinced it will work, and lead to a positive result.


A question of badgers?

A cull of 5,000 badgers is expected to start this week in Somerset and Gloucestershire. The badgers' 'iconic' status, a polarised media debate and distrust of scientific evidence are factors that have made it difficult to progress with the issue.

School bullies

Lifelong impact from childhood bullying

Serious illness, struggling to hold down a regular job and poor social relationships are some of the negative outcomes in adulthood facing those who were victim of bullying in childhood.

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