ESRC in the news: 2011 coverage

Our research is often mentioned in newspapers and other publications. During 2011 there was a total of 8508 ESRC-related stories in the media, 1920 of which specifically mentioned the Economic and Social Research Council. Throughout the year the ESRC received coverage on the BBC World Service, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Wales and on ITV1. The ESRC was mentioned in the following newspapers and on the following websites Number 10 Downing Street, BBC News, Channel 4, Sunday Times, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and Financial Times. The ESRC also received a good deal of overseas coverage including mentions on CBC/Radio Canada, Al Watan Daily (Kuwait), Business Daily Africa, Folket i Bild (Sweden), Hindustan Times (India), the Irish Independent, Newsroom America, Scoop (Italy), Sueddeutsche and Handelsblatt (Germany) and The Nation Pakistan.

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