Data support and services

We fund a number of services that allow researchers to access key economic and social data.

Administrative Data Liaison Service (ADLS) (September 2012)
The ADLS supports academic research and is the focal centre for knowledge, help and assistance with the major administrative datasets in the UK.

Administrative Data Taskforce (ADT)
The ADT has been working with government departments, academic experts, funding agencies and representatives from all four UK nations to examine the best procedures and mechanisms for making administrative data available for research.

Centre for Time Use Research (September 2013)
This centre delivers free academic access to a range of time use datasets. It will enhance time use research resources and techniques and carry out substantive research.

UK Data Forum
The UK Data Forum provides strategic direction to the ongoing development and maintenance of a coherent and robust national data infrastructure for UK social and economic research and research in related fields of interest. They have published a five-year plan to inform and guide the development and utilisation of data and related resources for social and economic research:

UK Data Service  
The UK Data Service will integrate the Economic and Social Data Service, the Census Programme, the Secure Data Service and other ESRC-supported data service elements to provide a unified point of access for high-quality economic and social data.

Previous data support and services resources

Access Research Knowledge (ARK) (March 2012)
provides access to social and political material on Northern Ireland. ARK has developed a range of resource materials that inform social and political debate in the region.

Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) (September 2012)

ESRC Census of Population Programme (July 2012)
provides data and support services to allow users in UK Higher and Further Education institutions to access the 1971, 1981, 1991 and 2001 UK censuses.

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS) (July 2010)

Institute: Social Sciences (formerly SOSIG) (July 2007)

Question Bank (October 2008)

Qualitative Archiving and Data Sharing (QUADS) (September 2006)

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