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The Survey Resources Network (SRN) is an ESRC-funded service which co-ordinates and develops ESRC activities related to survey methodology and research.

The co-directors of the network are Peter Lynn at the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) and Bob Erens at the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen). Three other academic centres are senior partners in the network: the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM); the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS); and the UK Data Archive (UKDA).

About the Survey Resources Network

The SRN contributes to ESRC's broader strategy of developing new, and promoting existing, research methods across the social sciences and at the borders with other disciplines, and increasing the methods base through training and capacity building.

The aim of the network is to improve the way in which survey data are collected, processed, made accessible and analysed. The network provides a coherent and integrated approach to the development of skills and knowledge, the dissemination of research findings and research resources, and the promotion of best survey practice.

The SRN has five main objectives:

1) Survey design and measurement: to identify and exploit synergies and complementarities between ESRC-funded survey methods research projects, thereby adding value by means such as coordinated dissemination

2) Survey question bank: to provide extensive online resources for survey researchers, building upon and extending the existing ESRC Question Bank, and linking these resources to training and methodological research

3) Survey skills programme (formerly Survey Link Scheme): to provide broad training opportunities in survey skills, with a practical focus, delivered in a flexible way so that each trainee can tailor a package of elements to suit their own needs and constraints

4) Coordination and strategic advice: to coordinate with international organisations and networks and provide strategic advice to the ESRC regarding survey research methods

5) Feasibility study: to scope out the potential for improving the efficiency and quality of data collection in the UK via survey data management processes. A scoping report will set out the ways forward and implications.

These objectives will be co-ordinated to ensure that knowledge is shared both within the network and throughout the social science community.

The SRN is affiliated to the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM). The relationship with NCRM will be based on information sharing and dissemination of relevant outputs.

How to access the service

You can find further details on the Survey Resources Network website.

Further information

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    Telephone: 020 7250 1866
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