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Soaring dragon, stumbling bear

Feature | 24 February 2014 | General public, Press/media

Research supported by warwick's esrc centre on competitive advantage in the global economy show that the soviet union initially tried similar economic reforms as china - but without the same success.

Ifs green budget: still not halfway through spending cuts

Feature | 05 February 2014 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media

Only 40 per cent of the chancellor's planned spending cuts will be in place by the end of this financial year – with 60 per cent yet to come, according to the institute for fiscal studies' green budget 2014.

Ready for a new festival of economics

Feature | 21 November 2013 | General public, Press/media, Schools

Following the success and public interest around the inaugural event last year, the 2013 festival of economics, co-sponsored by the esrc, is about to be launched in bristol.

Finding the uk's biggest job creators

Feature | 21 May 2013 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media

One of the enterprise research centre’s newly published white papers concludes that both start-up companies and established businesses have rapid growth potential.

The economic legacy of mrs thatcher

Feature | 09 April 2013 | General public, Policymakers, Press/media

Nicholas crafts, professor of economics and economic history at the university of warwick and director of the esrc centre for competitive advantage in the global economy, examines how the economic policies of the thatcher era affected the uk economy. ...

Budget 2013: ifs analysis

Feature | 21 March 2013 | General public, Press/media, Schools

Following the chancellor’s presentation of the 2013 budget yesterday, the esrc-supported institute for fiscal studies has produced an analysis of key budget features.

Future nhs funding squeeze highlighted by ifs research

Feature | 15 March 2013 | General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Public sector, Schools

A house of lords inquiry examining the pressures facing the health service drew heavily on research evidence from the esrc-supported institute for fiscal studies.

Fuelling growth with public investments

Feature | 07 March 2013 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media

Professor david newberry argues that public investment in the right areas will fuel uk economic growth - with the short-term impact of giving work to domestic private companies who will create jobs.

Climate change downgrade in the recession

Feature | 04 March 2013 | General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

As we enter climate week, poll results have revealed that public concern about environmental issues and climate change has sunk to a 20-year low since the beginning of the global financial crisis.

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Helping small business grow

Case Study | 19 March 2014 | Academic, Business, General public, Press/media

Lancaster university management school has increased the productivity and sales of 250 local companies through its innovative leading enterprise and development programme.

Collaborating with business to help the unemployed

Case Study | 15 April 2010 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Research on how 'section 106' planning agreements can help the long-term unemployed has resulted in a new methodology to evaluate employment initiatives.

Putting skills into business

Case Study | 15 February 2010 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Research by the centre on skills, knowledge and organisational performance has informed the english skills strategy and policies in finland, norway and australia.

Security in war-torn countries

Case Study | 15 June 2008 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Research on security risks in post-conflict countries has led to significant input to the prime minister's africa commission, the world bank and the un secretary-general's high level panel on security.

Boosting business tenancies

Case Study | 16 January 2006 | Academic, Business

A situational business analysis and change programme boosted sog ltd business tenancies, generated new business amounting to over â£54k, and improved tenant communication.

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Top earners' wages growing faster than for rest in scotland

Press Release | 15 November 2013 | Academic, Policymakers, Press/media

Scotland's top one per cent of income earners - about 25,000 people - have increased their wages and total income at a greater rate than the rest of the nation's workers in the past decade, according to a new report funded by the economic and social ...

Research to kick-start the uk economy

Press Release | 22 January 2013 | Academic, Business, Policymakers, Press/media

What will it take put the uk back on the path of sustained economic growth? re-igniting growth, published by the economic and social research council (esrc), includes a series of interviews with key academics funded by the esrc.

New approach for university and community engagement

Press Release | 19 September 2011 | Academic, Business, Further education, General public, Higher education, Policymakers, Postgraduate, Press/media, Public sector

Current policy pressures on universities to focus on improving their research excellence and to widen participation make it hard for them to engage meaningfully with excluded communities, according to research funded by the economic and social resear ...

South-east universities turn their knowledge into wealth

Press Release | 07 September 2011 | Academic, Business, Further education, General public, Higher education, Partnerships, Postgraduate, Press/media, Public sector, Schools

In these tough economic times, universities are under pressure to use their knowledge and discoveries to drive economic growth, but an economic and social research council (esrc) study reveals that not all universities are equal.

What does scottish independence really mean?

Press Release | 21 July 2011 | Academic, Business, General public, International, Policymakers, Press/media, Public sector

Following the victory of the scottish national party (snp) in the recent scottish elections on may 5, a unique in-depth survey of the entire snp membership conducted throughout 2008, funded by the economic and social research council (esrc), reveals ...

The uk maintains a positive outlook, despite the recession

Press Release | 03 March 2011 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media

A survey of households across the uk taken at the height of the recession in 2009 show 67 per cent of people in full-time work were living comfortably or doing allright and that unemployed people were broadly optimistic about their future prospects. ...

Success for social science in europe

Press Release | 31 January 2011 | Academic, International, Partnerships, Policymakers, Press/media

The largest joint initiative between european funding agencies in social sciences, the open research area scheme, announces its successful grants. The scheme is a new way of funding for the esrc, agence nationale de la recherche, deutsche forschungsg ...

Esrc report examines the pathway to economic recovery

Press Release | 27 January 2011 | Academic, Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

A new report released today (thursday 27 january) by the economic and social research council (esrc) provides a snapshot of what we know about our current economic situation and explores what can be learned by looking at evidence from economic and so ...


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Law, development and finance in rising powers

Professor Simon Deakin | 25 April 2014

The aim of this project is to examine the role of law in economic development in the‘rising powers’ of china, russia, india and brazil. The work will analyse how far the quality of legal and other formal institutions has affected financia ...

London experimental workshop

Professor Pablo Branas-Garza | 10 February 2014

The london experimental workshop (lew) proposes to start an inter-university seminar series in the london area between middlesex, queen mary and royal holloway universities. The workshop will work as a discussion platform in the area of experimental ...

Auctions for multiple goods, and understanding consumer preferences

Professor Paul Klemperer | Microeconomic theory | 03 February 2014

In 2007, responding to the northern rock bank run - britain's first since 1800's - klemperer invented the "product-mix auction", to improve the bank of england's allocation of funds to banks, building societies, etc. (2008, 2010); mervyn king told th ...

Smart data analytics for business and local government

Professor Vania Sena | Environmental Informatics | 31 January 2014

The esrc data research centre for smart analytics is a collaborative project between the universities of essex (lead partner), east anglia, and kent; its objectives are to  provide a facility where big data from businesses and local government a ...

Urban big data

Professor Piyushimita (Vonu) Thakuriah | Urban Geography | 30 January 2014

The urban big data research centre (ubdrc) will provide a unique facility for researching complex and cross-cutting urban issues such as transport, employment, migration, housing, education and social exclusion. The centre will bring together an inte ...


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Exploiting parallel r in the cloud with sprint

M Piotrowski | 02 May 2014 | Management & Business Studies | Journal article

Sprint is a highly efficient implementation of the statistical package r that enables easy access to high-performance computing (hpc) and is relevant to access to hpc facilities by social scientists. This much broader paper is concerned with next-gen ...

Embedded systems for global e-social science: moving computation rather than data

Ashley Lloyd | 02 May 2014 | Management & Business Studies | Journal article

There is a wealth of digital data currently being gathered by commercial and private concerns that could supplement academic research. To unlock this data it is important to gain the trust of the companies that hold the data as well as showing them h ...

Homeownership and entrepreneurship: the role of commitment and mortgage debt

Philippe Bracke | 02 May 2014 | Discussion paper

We study the link between homeownership and entrepreneurship using a model of occupational choice and housing tenure where homeowners commit a fixed budget to mortgage payments. Our model predicts that: (i) mortgage commitments, by amplifying risk av ...

Regulatory evidence network

Frances Bowen | 01 May 2014 | Sustainability Management | Network

This network aims to bring together environmental policy makers, advisors and regulators, with academics, consultants, and other researchers who have an interest in better regulation, and can suggest novel approaches and the evidence to show that the ...

Sustainable prosperity esrc centres competition consortium

Frances Bowen | 01 May 2014 | Sustainability Management | Network

This is a new research network formed through relationships built during the fellowship. Our initial goal is to submit a funding application under the esrc's large grants and centres sustainable prosperity steer. If this application is unsuccessful, ...

Prosperity and protection: new tools to improve growth and compliance

Frances Bowen | 01 May 2014 | Sustainability Management | Seminar/workshop

Led a 2-hour workshop on the links between regulation and changes in firm behaviours at defra's 'building regulatory community' event. This is the quarterly gathering of regulators from across the defra network, and led to several other invitations t ...