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Access the latest news and information relating to climate change research. We fund research on key issues relating to climate change. New climate change research outputs are regularly added to our research catalogue. 


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Feature | 03 April 2014 | General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Recent record rainfall and flooding across the uk have raised questions about how we manage our environment, deal with flooding and build a resilient infrastructure. Esrc-funded academics have been looking into how we respond to extreme weather, from ...

Ipcc report: "climate change is already happening"

Feature | 31 March 2014 | General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

It’s the "most comprehensive assessment to date" of the impacts of climate change. Esrc-funded researchers have contributed to the latest report from un's intergovernmental panel on climate change (ipcc).

Making money grow on trees

Feature | 19 November 2013 | General public, International, Partnerships, Press/media, Voluntary sector

The espa-funded mikoko pamoja carbon credit project aims to generate â£7,500 a year for villages in kenya's gazi bay - by preserving mangrove swamps and selling carbon credits to business.

Climate change downgrade in the recession

Feature | 04 March 2013 | General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

As we enter climate week, poll results have revealed that public concern about environmental issues and climate change has sunk to a 20-year low since the beginning of the global financial crisis.

Still ship pollution in regulated zones

Feature | 26 February 2013 | General public, International, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Regulations controlling air pollution from ships might be ineffective, suggests esrc-funded research. A minority of berthing ships in the uk and sweden are burning high-sulphur fuel in restricted control areas.

Eavesdropping on the climate change debate

Feature | 14 March 2012 | General public, Press/media

A study of climate change as a social issue shows how the debate affects the views and attitudes of individuals and groups, and highlights how climate change is perceived differently across countries.

Pupils find climate change in the peak district

Feature | 13 April 2011 | General public, Press/media, Schools

On the eve of the peak district national park anniversary, climate change is looming as a major challenge. But local pupils are keeping an eye on the health of the moorlands - as part of the festival of social science.

Carbon reduction champions

Feature | 26 January 2011 | Business, General public, Partnerships, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Uk retailers, climate strategies and the role of partnership.

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Earlier flood warnings from improved forecasts

Case Study | 25 July 2014 | General public, Policymakers

Research has helped improve the design, communication and use of state-of-the-art flooding forecasts – supporting flood planning and responses at local, national and international levels.

Low carbon technology to developing countries

Case Study | 15 July 2010 | Business, General public, International, Policymakers, Press/media

Policy recommendations from the sussex energy group have shaped the uk government's position for climate change negotiations, as well as informing the chilean and indian governments on technology transfer policies.

Environmental law website

Case Study | 15 October 2009 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

A pioneering website providing public access to environment law information has been created by esrc researchers at cardiff university, working in partnership with the uk environment law association.

Calculating carbon footprints

Case Study | 15 October 2008 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Research has quantified how consumer purchasing decisions drive carbon emissions - helping to develop pas 2050, a business standard on carbon footprinting.

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Infrastructure decisions now a matter of 'life and death'

Press Release | 28 October 2013 | Academic, Policymakers, Press/media

Carbon-neutral planning and design needs to be embedded in infrastructure decisions now if we are to achieve a low carbon economy within 30 years, claims keith clarke cbe. Mr clarke will make this claim in a debate to be held during the economic and ...

Hot in the city

Press Release | 22 July 2013 | Academic, Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media

Urban design directly affects temperature, wind, rain and air quality - but most planners build cities without an awareness of the urban climate effects they are creating.

When it comes to the environment, education affects our actions

Press Release | 21 March 2011 | Academic, Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Schools

Data from findings from understanding society, the world’s largest household panel survey, show that people with degrees are 25 per cent more likely, on average, than people with no education qualifications to adopt pro-environmental behaviours, at l ...

Success for social science in europe

Press Release | 31 January 2011 | Academic, International, Partnerships, Policymakers, Press/media

The largest joint initiative between european funding agencies in social sciences, the open research area scheme, announces its successful grants. The scheme is a new way of funding for the esrc, agence nationale de la recherche, deutsche forschungsg ...

Renewable energy needs more community power

Press Release | 10 September 2010 | General public, Press/media

The renewable energy sector needs to use a wider range of business models in order to ensure a fairer distribution of power plants across the uk, according to research funded by the economic and social research council (esrc).

Award-winning study helps flashing lights go green

Press Release | 12 March 2010 | Business, General public, Policymakers, Press/media, Public sector

The winner of the 2010 economic and social research council (esrc) knowledge transfer partnership prize for the best application of social or management science has saved the bradford and airedale teaching primary care trust (pct) an estimated £350,0 ...


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Urban big data

Professor Piyushimita (Vonu) Thakuriah | Human Geography | 30 January 2014

The urban big data research centre (ubdrc) will provide a unique facility for researching complex and cross-cutting urban issues such as transport, employment, migration, housing, education and social exclusion. The centre will bring together an inte ...

Predicting urban food insecurity under climate change in brazilian amazonia

Dr Luke Parry | Modelling methods | 01 January 2014

Governments have recognised the need to reduce the societal impacts of climate change by improving the adaptive capacity of poor, marginalised populations to severe weather events. Extreme events such as droughts cause significant economic losses, an ...

Households, retailers and food waste transitions

Dr David Evans | 31 December 2013

This research and knowledge exchange project will generate new perspectives on the causes and management of food waste. In order to explore the ways in which the challenge of food waste reduction is being framed, interpreted and responded to, 20 in-d ...

The food-energy-climate change trilemma: developing a neo-polanyian analysis

Professor Mark Harvey | Economic Sociology | 31 December 2013

The world is facing three unprecedented challenges: anthropogenic climate change the depletion of finite energy and material resources a growing population with increasing and changing demand for food. These three problems are deeply interconnected ...

Innovating for a low carbon economy

Dr Pelin Demirel | 01 December 2013

This seminar series  adopts a multi-dimensional and multidisciplinary perspective to address six different but interrelated topics to discuss the challenges and major choices for environmental innovation in the next four decades as the uk underg ...

Low carbon innovation in china - prospects, politics and practice

Distinguished Professor John Urry | Sociology | 01 December 2013

China's efforts towards low-carbon transition matter profoundly for the whole world.   going beyond issues of technology alone, this project explores the prospects for transition understood from a broader systems perspective, acknowledging their ...

Monitoring and evaluation for sustainable communities

Dr Kersty Hobson | 01 December 2013

The activities and projects of uk low carbon community groups (lccgs) do achieve notable resource/energy savings and behaviour changes. However, gathering data on lccgs outcomes and impacts is both pressing and challenging, for lccgs themselves, and ...


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Key findings esj0217091

Alex Nicholls | 30 September 2014 | Social Policy | End of Grant Report

Key findings esj0217091

Key findings esj0215041

David Benson | 30 September 2014 | Environmental Planning | End of Grant Report

Key findings esj0215041