Methods for Comparative Cross-National Research Initiative

We have created a number of initiatives supporting research on comparative cross-national methods, for example, through short-term research projects and a network of methodological innovation under the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM). Appreciating that there is additional need for more comprehensive support for research and capacity-building in the area of comparative cross-national methods, we have designed the Comparative Cross-National Research Methods Initiative. This initiative is designed to support research on comparative cross-national methods to further enable international comparisons. It is being run in conjunction with the ESRC funded NCRM.

About the Methods for Comparative Cross-National Research Initiative

Comparative cross-national research faces many methodological challenges, especially in research design. The Initiative on Methods for Comparative Cross-National Research is tailored to address this need, with an emphasis on methodological advancement, improving the standards of research methods across the UK social science community and informing training and capacity building for researchers involved in cross national research. These comparisons provide additional leverage on research questions relative to single-nation studies and therefore enhance the knowledge and quality of policymaking.

Research projects

We have funded four research projects under this initiative:

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