Survey Design and Measurement Initiative

The Survey Design and Measurement Initiative was established by the ESRC’s Research Resources Board, following several recent initiatives which identified a pressing need for research and training in survey design and measurement. An analysis of the ESRC portfolio identified that very little work was currently being supported in this area, therefore this initiative deals more specifically with the research need.

About the Survey Design and Measurement Initiative

Survey methods provide the foundation for a large proportion of social science research. The health of social and economic research in the UK depends, to a considerable extent, upon the health of survey research. Research was needed urgently to identify ways to enhance the quality of survey research and to harness opportunities for methodological improvement.

Through this initiative the ESRC-funded seven research projects to address one or more of the following areas where further research is urgently needed:

  • Non-response
  • Survey measurement
  • Mixed-mode surveys and new technologies.

All projects contribute to ESRC's broader initiative on improving research methods and comply with the ESRC's policy on public access to research findings/outputs. This may be in the form of workshops or publications or may include the development of courses.

Funded projects

Seven projects have been funded:

Further information