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    Which burglary security devices work for whom and in what context?

    Professor Andromachi Tseloni | Criminal Law & Criminology | 01 June 2013

    Domestic burglary is a high volume crime affecting many households. As well as substantial financial loss and damage to property, it causes high levels of anxiety about the possibility of being burgled. Surveys documenting public priorities about cri ...

    A comparative analysis of recent french and british riots

    Professor David Waddington | Psychology | 01 December 2006

    A planned series of three workshops will bring together french and british academics to discuss the recent riots in the french banlieues and the corresponding disorders that occurred in former textile towns and cities of northern england in mid-2001. ...

    Criminalising the market in looted antiquities

    Professor Penny Green | Socio Legal Studies | 02 March 2005

    This is an evaluation of the dealing in cultural objects (offences) act 2003, which contains a criminal offence directed at dealers of illicit antiquities within england and wales. The research will include quantitative measures of the impact of the ...

    Policing hate crime: the new european policy domain

    Dr M Matassa | Social Policy | 01 December 2005

    Recent developments within the european community have led to calls for ‘collective’ action against ‘hate crimes’. In this context, hate crime is increasingly linked with developments in transnational policing - developments that have come to symboli ...

    Applied discourse analysis and the police interviewing of suspected paedophiles

    Dr Kelly Benneworth | Sociology | 01 October 2005

    This postdoctoral fellowship originates from a phd thesis entitled ‘a discursive analysis of police interviews with suspected paedophiles: the implications of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ interviewing for admission and denial’ which employed discourse analysi ...

    An examination of the online romance scam

    Professor Monica Whitty | Psychology | 01 December 2010

    This application is for funding to investigate the types of people conned by the online romance scam and how such deception psychologically affects a person, as well as the types of strategies that scammers use to con their victims. Specifically, the ...

    Proliferation security initiative: combating illicit wmd trafficking

    Dr Ian Davis | Interdisciplinary Studies | 01 May 2005

    The proliferation security initiative (psi) is a recent us-led initiative that seeks to increase cooperation among an informal grouping of states to curtail trafficking of weapons of mass destruction (wmd) on the seas, in the air and on the ground. T ...

    It happened as i said: communication effects in eyewitness event memory

    Professor A Memon | Psychology | 02 April 2007

    When describing a perceived event to others, a communicator will tailor the message to the audience. The project examines how a message which is ‘tuned’ to the audience can change or bias the way in which the original event is remembered and evaluate ...

    Persistent serious offenders in the north west of england, 1880-1940

    Professor Barry Godfrey | Economic & Social History | 01 April 2007

    This research seeks to understand the start, continuance and ending of serious, persistent offending using the life histories of men and women who were criminally active around the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It also seeks to explo ...

    Understanding attrition in rape cases

    Dr Lesley Mcmillan | Sociology | 01 February 2007

    The research aims to collect a large body of evidence about the process and experience of reporting the crime of rape. Evidence gathered will be examined to establish what factors influence the very low conviction rate for rape and to generate a deep ...

    Governing drug-related crime in the risk society

    Professor Toby Seddon | Sociology | 01 January 2007

    In the course of the last fifteen or twenty years, risk has become one of the central terms of social and cultural thought and commentary. Risk thinking and risk management have come to occupy a distinctive place within contemporary politics and gove ...

    Emotion and crime: a mixed methods study

    Dr John Cromby | Psychology | 28 April 2008

    Crime and anti-social behaviour are issues of ongoing public concern. Surveys suggest that around 20 per cent of the population are ‘very worried’ about burglary and street crime, and that some groups (women, older people and ethnic minorities) are m ...

    Coordinator radicalisation and violence

    Professor Stuart Croft | Political Science | 01 November 2007

    The new security challenges programme: radicalisation and political violence is an esrc, ahrc and foreign and commonwealth office joint initiative. Nine projects have been commissioned after an extensive process, and those projects will report on the ...

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