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    Which burglary security devices work for whom and in what context?

    Professor Andromachi Tseloni | Criminal Law & Criminology | 01 June 2013

    Domestic burglary is a high volume crime affecting many households. As well as substantial financial loss and damage to property, it causes high levels of anxiety about the possibility of being burgled. Surveys documenting public priorities about cri ...

    An examination of the online romance scam

    Professor Monica Whitty | Psychology | 01 December 2010

    This application is for funding to investigate the types of people conned by the online romance scam and how such deception psychologically affects a person, as well as the types of strategies that scammers use to con their victims. Specifically, the ...

    A comparative analysis of recent french and british riots

    Professor David Waddington | Psychology | 01 December 2006

    A planned series of three workshops will bring together french and british academics to discuss the recent riots in the french banlieues and the corresponding disorders that occurred in former textile towns and cities of northern england in mid-2001. ...

    Policing hate crime: the new european policy domain

    Dr M Matassa | Social Policy | 01 December 2005

    Recent developments within the european community have led to calls for ‘collective’ action against ‘hate crimes’. In this context, hate crime is increasingly linked with developments in transnational policing - developments that have come to symboli ...

    Applied discourse analysis and the police interviewing of suspected paedophiles

    Dr Kelly Benneworth | Sociology | 01 October 2005

    This postdoctoral fellowship originates from a phd thesis entitled ‘a discursive analysis of police interviews with suspected paedophiles: the implications of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ interviewing for admission and denial’ which employed discourse analysi ...

    Criminalising the market in looted antiquities

    Professor Penny Green | Socio Legal Studies | 02 March 2005

    This is an evaluation of the dealing in cultural objects (offences) act 2003, which contains a criminal offence directed at dealers of illicit antiquities within england and wales. The research will include quantitative measures of the impact of the ...

    Cross disciplinary thinking about 'antisocial personality disorder'.

    Dr David Jones | 13 January 2014

    This seminar series is designed to promote thought and new perspectives on the difficulties posed by people who have major problems in their lives and their relationships - who are sometimes given the diagnosis of 'personality disorder'. At their mos ...

    University consortium for evidence-based crime reduction

    Professor Gloria Laycock | Social Policy | 01 September 2013

    This research comprises a commissioned partnership programme in support of the what works centre for crime reduction based in the college of policing. The programme aims to develop a stronger evidence base for crime reduction. It will enhance the uk& ...

    Lives sentenced: the punishment careers of persistent offenders

    Dr Marguerite Schinkel | Criminology | 01 October 2013

    There has been little research examining how those who are punished by the criminal justice system give meaning to their sentences. For many offenders, criminal punishments are not experienced in isolation, but rather are given meaning in the context ...

    Eyewitness testimony by adults with autism spectrum disorder

    Dr Katie Maras | 02 April 2012

    People with autism spectrum disorder (asd) may be over-represented in the criminal justice system, as a victim, witness, or even perpetrator of a crime. They have well-documented and specific memory difficulties, yet scarcely any research has examine ...

    Roadfreight security

    Mrs June Armstrong | 01 October 2011

    The aim of this project is to hold a series of four workshops and one conference to share with the road haulage industry, professionals and end users, information on security issues for the road freight industry, including reporting and recording and ...

    Probation officers, their occupational cultures and offender management

    Dr Robert Mawby | Social Policy | 01 April 2010

    This research comprises a study of the occupational cultures of probation officers. A great deal has been written about the historical and policy changes that have shaped the role of the probation officer but there has been little research on the cha ...

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