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Learning sites: networked resources and the learning community

Prof Light | Psychology | 06 October 1997

This 24 month research project is funded by the esrc as part of its virtual society research initiative. This brings together an eclectic range of projects exploring some of the social transformations being brought about by communications and informa ...

Comparative study of copyright levies to reward creative assets in eu

Professor Martin Kretschmer | Socio Legal Studies | 01 September 2010

A levy system providing "compensation" for authors, performers and producers for the private copying of copyright materials was first created with the german copyright law of 1965 (urhg). Levies on copying devices and copying media are now prevalent ...

Binding in working memory: exploring the internal focus of attention

Dr Jane Elsley | Psychology | 06 July 2010

Binding in working memory (wm) is the process by which different object features (colour, shape, location) thought to be represented independently in the brain (tootell, dale, sereno and malach, 1998) are correctly combined allowing accurate obj ...

Evolving theory in interprofessional education

Dr Sarah Hean | Education | 01 December 2007

Changes in healthcare services have led to an increase in interprofessional teamworking but a range of high profile public inquiries have demonstrated that these teams do not always collaborate optimally. To adequately prepare health professionals in ...

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