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Media consumption and the future of public connection

Professor Nick Couldry | Sociology | 01 October 2003

This interdisciplinary project ran from october 2003 to march 2006 and aimed to provide qualitatively rich but also reliably representative research into whether and how people's practices of media consumption sustain an orientation to a world of pub ...

Returns to apprenticeship training in germany and austria

Professor Jorn-Steffen Pischke | Economics | 01 October 2003

This project will aim to estimate returns to apprenticeship training, which are free of selection bias, by using apprentices in failed firms in austria and variation in the number of school leavers in germany

How are job markets and unions being changed by the internet?

Professor Richard Freeman | Economics | 14 July 2003

This study examined how use of the internet has affected trade unions in their delivery of services to workers and affected firms and workers through internet recruitment and job search.  the main results regarding unions derive from investigati ...

Law at work: labour, citizenship and territory among west bank palestinians

Dr Tobias Kelly | Social Anthropology | 01 July 2003

Against the background of the collapse of the oslo peace process into the violence of the second intifada, this research explores the continuing legacy of oslo in the everyday life of the israeli-palestinian conflict. Taking a perspective that sees t ...

An empirical analysis of the consequences and determinants of child labour

Professor Marco Manacorda | Economics | 01 June 2003

The objective of this research project is to analyse some questions surrounding the phenomenon of child labour using data from a variety of developing and transition countries as well as historical data. A broader aim of this project is to acquire a ...

Methods & theory for nonstationary economic data

Professor Peter Robinson | Economics | 01 April 2003

This research will develop methods that will be useful in analysing economic data that are observed over time or space, and will provide firm theoretical foundations for the methods. Data of such kinds abound, and commonly exhibit nonstationary or tr ...

Empirical studies of intertemporal choice

Professor Daniel Read | Psychology | 31 March 2003

Intertemporal choice refers to choices or decisions involving trade-offs among outcomes occurring at different points in time. Usually, the choice is between less-but-now, versus more-but-later, like that between putting money in a pension plan or sp ...

Postdoctoral fellowships

Dr Martina Klett-Davies | Sociology | 03 February 2003

This research focuses on lone mothers in britain. It argues that lone mothers are a complex, dynamic and a heterogeneous group. They share certain characteristics, such as material deprivation, but there is no strong sense of collective identity. Com ...

Location patterns in uk manufacturing

Dr Gilles Duranton | Human Geography | 01 January 2003

The primary aim of the research is to develop new tools to investigate data in continuous space. These tools will be applied to an analysis of location patterns in uk manufacturing. More specifically, our main objectives are: 1 develop tools to de ...

Childlessness in europe

Dr Catherine Hakim | Sociology | 01 December 2002

High levels of voluntary childlessness are a relatively new social phenomenon in the prosperous societies of western europe. The causes and consequences are as yet poorly understood. This study assesses the relative importance of voluntary and involu ...

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