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1991 census population surfaces for northern ireland

Professor David Martin | Human Geography | 01 March 1997

This project uses a methodology established in previous esrc-funded work in order to take 1991 census data attached to population-weighted enumeration district centroids for northern ireland, and to redistribute the population counts into a grid, the ...

2001 output areas: specification, demonstration and maintenance proposals

Professor David Martin | Human Geography | 01 October 1999

Current proposals for the output areas to be used for area statistics from the 2001 census are based on the creation of purpose-specific output areas by aggregating unit postcodes, the smallest divisions of the uk postcode geography. This will allow ...

Census programme coordination 2011-12

Professor David Martin | Social Stats., Comp. & Methods | 01 August 2011

This award provides coordination of esrc's census programme, specifically: management of the ongoing delivery of programme services which provide 1971-2001 data access to the academic community close liaison with with esrc, the uk statistical organi ...

Population 24/7: space-time specific population surface modelling

Professor David Martin | Human Geography | 01 March 2009

Many areas of social science research and policy are concerned with the exact locations of population, for example to measure exposure or target resources. Currently available representations effectively estimate population at home addresses, or 'wor ...

Merging cognition and technology to enhance learning in the field

Professor David Martin | Statistics, Methods and Computing | 01 December 2006

Academic and professional organisations are involved in teaching and learning through the use of fieldwork. Fieldwork is costly in both time and financial resources and there is thus a concern to maximise its productivity. An important aspect of fiel ...

Programme coordinator - census programme 2006-11

Professor David Martin | Human Geography | 01 August 2006

This award represents the continuation of the programme coordinator’s role from the successful previous round of the esrc/jisc census programme. The programme provides census data access and expert user support to users in uk higher and further educa ...

Geo-refer: georeferencing resources for social scientists

Professor David Martin | Human Geography | 01 February 2006

The geo-refer project will comprise the creation and deployment of a digital library of learning resources targeted at social scientists whose primary discipline is not geography, but whose research requires them to use and link geographically refere ...

Restore: promoting sustainable research methods resources

Professor David Martin | Statistics, Methods and Computing | 01 October 2010

This award is a continuation of the "sustaining on-line resources in research methods" award which created the prototype restore repository for online research methods resources. Esrc funds many research methods projects - particularly under its rese ...

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