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Developmental aspects of social identity

Professor Fabio Sani | Psychology | 01 August 2002

As adults, our sense of ourselves comes both from what we take to be our unique, personal attributes (i am happy-go-lucky and friendly, most of the time) and our membership of collectivities (i am a socialist and a briton). The aim of our research is ...

Perceiving collective continuity: social psychological implications.

Professor Fabio Sani | Psychology | 01 September 2005

Human communities - particularly ethnic-religious and national ones - see themselves as having temporal persistence, as entities that move through time. What is it that makes groups look like self-contained, enduring entities? Why is it so ...

Perceived group historical continuity: a cross-cultural investigation

Professor Fabio Sani | Psychology | 01 June 2004

In our contemporary world, virtually all human communities (particularly ethnic, religious and national ones) understand themselves as characterised by endurance and persistence. Therefore, as members of national/ethnic groups, we see ourselves as pa ...

Health in groups: a longitudinal and cross-national study

Professor Fabio Sani | Psychology | 01 November 2011

The aim of the research is to explore the interplay between group identification and health, overcoming the limitations of previous studies. This involves examining the extent to which group identification influences different aspects of mental and p ...

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