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The future of unskilled work: learning andv workplace inequality

Professor Helen Rainbird | Sociology | 28 October 1998

A research team from nene univeristy college northampton has gained funding to investigate the relationship of manual and routine clerical employees to education and training. In the past little attention has been given to lower-skilled staff who are ...

Institutional determinants of adult training

Professor Helen Rainbird | 01 July 1988

Aims and methods (as at end of award): the aim of the research was to locate the analysis of the training and retraining carried out in employing organisations in the institutional context in which managerial decisions on the use of training are made ...

Improving incentives to learning in the workplace

Professor Helen Rainbird | Education | 03 April 2000

The workplace is an important site of learning and access to learning opportunities, yet its primary purpose is the production of goods and services. Therefore, in order to understand the incentives and barriers to learning at work, learning must be ...

Industrial restructuring and training the trade union perspective

Professor Helen Rainbird | 01 June 1985

Considerable attention has been given in recent years to policies directed at training young people (yts, apprenticeship reform) and the need to invest more as a nation in training in the interests of increased productivity. The aim of the research p ...

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