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Raising awareness of India's elderly

09 January 2015

Research from the new dynamics of ageing programme is highlighting the contributions and needs of india's older population to policymakers

Challenging age-based stereotypes

06 October 2014

A pioneering project in which older women explored their experience of ageing through art provided the impetus for a campaign challenging ageism and sexism through a range of policy and school-based i...

Shaping long-term care funding in England

22 September 2014

An esrc research project modelling future trends for uk's ageing population proved pivotal in providing research evidence for the government's reform of social care funding in england

Improving older people's lives

02 May 2014

Findings from professor thomas scharf's research into older people and social exclusion has informed a charity campaign and encouraged co-operation between charity and community groups in manchester a...

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