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Policing crowds without force

06 October 2014

New approaches to crowd psychology are helping police manage the potential for conflict in crowds while allowing people's rights to protest through dialogue and negotiation

Tackling Northern Ireland's flag problem

21 September 2014

Research on how flag use affects tension between communities in northern ireland has transformed understanding and fed into reconciliation strategies

Supporting justice for Bosnian war crime victims

08 August 2014

An esrc-funded project has helped strengthen the links between legal processes and war crime victims in bosnia, supporting transparency and legitimacy for the state court of bosnia and herzegovina

Security in war-torn countries

02 May 2014

Research on security risks in post-conflict countries has led to significant input to the prime minister's africa commission, the world bank and the un secretary-general's high level panel on security...

Streamlining military operations

09 April 2014

As a consequence of a review by global uncertainties fellow professor theo farrell, programme management of reconstruction in afghanistan has been strengthened and support to district stabilisation te...

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