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Involving people with dementia in research

22 May 2015

While the ongoing dementia awareness week is highlighting the challenges of the condition, new participants are signing up to a major esrc-funded dementia research project

Health of mummies revealed by 'Digging into Data'

09 April 2015

New research on mummies challenges the conventional belief that fatty arteries are caused by unhealthy lifestyles. The study came about through the digging into data challenge, a research initiative c...

Still ship pollution in regulated zones

08 April 2015

Regulations controlling air pollution from ships might be ineffective, suggests esrc-funded research. A minority of berthing ships in the uk and sweden are burning high-sulphur fuel in restricted cont...

Research boosting health policies

10 March 2015

Public health policies have been hampered by the lack of good research evidence to design and implement effective initiatives. Research by the esrc-funded centre for the development and evaluation of...

The ethnicity of heart disease

20 June 2013

Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death in the uk, and new research based on longitudinal studies shows how people from some ethnic backgrounds are more at risk than others

The challenges of AIDS - past and present

20 May 2013

Thirty years after the first reported cases of aids, a unique gathering of experts are examining the early response to the epidemic in the lecture series "aids @ 30: three decades of responding to hiv...

Protecting people against animal disease

14 May 2013

Fieldwork is beginning in a unique study which puts social scientists at the heart of disease prevention. The esrc-funded dynamic drivers of disease in africa consortium will study 'zoonotic' diseases...

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