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How additive manufacturing can boost the UK economy

14 April 2015

Additive manufacturing, or '3d printing', is set to change the face of manufacturing. The technology strategy board is launching a new â£7 million research competition in partnership with the esrc, th...

When flooding woke the nation

26 February 2015

Sixty years ago, over 300 people died, 24,000 people were evacuated and 32,000 houses were damaged in the 1953 east coast flood. The early history of the early warning system and how it was funded has...

Fracking and public dialogue

18 November 2014

People remain negative about hydrocarbons and controversial 'fracking' extraction, and do not see shale gas or other forms of unconventional fossil fuel as the solution to either energy security or cl...

Innovative 3D-printed foot support cuts waiting times

04 April 2014

A technology strategy board research initiative part-funded by the esrc has developed a 3d-printed foot support, drastically cutting manufacturing cost and time - and delivering bespoke support to pat...

Fuelling growth with public investments

14 May 2013

Professor david newberry argues that public investment in the right areas will fuel uk economic growth - with the short-term impact of giving work to domestic private companies who will create jobs

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