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All work and low pay in recession

09 April 2015

The sixth workplace employment relations study, co-funded by the esrc, reveals that the tough economic climate has led to pronounced increases in workload and working hours for many employees in brita...

Trusting our data to online services

08 April 2015

The visualisation and other methods of expression project, part of the esrc-supported ensuring privacy and consent programme, has designed a set of design principles to help online service providers r...

Sharing flood knowledge

02 July 2014

An esrc-funded research project is exploring the storing and sharing of flood memories, as a resource bank for communities at risk

The low-carbon dream

20 May 2013

Many of us claim to be concerned about the environment - but to really be sustainable we need to shift our thinking from a blind faith in technology to a deeper understanding of the links between our...

Staying safe online

14 May 2013

The visualisation and other methods of expression (vome) project developed new methods to raise public awareness about internet security, an issue highlighted with today's celebration of safer interne...

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